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Healthy Tips for School Kids

With Spring now in full swing, there is no better time to get the kids outdoors and moving about. Not only will you notice improvements in their fitness and wellbeing, but the kids will love it and it’s a great opportunity for some extra family time. With all this extra activity it’s important to keep the kids’ energy levels up and make sure they are well hydrated.

Snacking is an important part of every child’s diet. Snacking on healthy, nutritious foods not only helps to top up their energy levels, it also provides vitamins, minerals and nutrients that their bodies need for good health. Healthy snack choices for kids include grapes, fresh veggie sticks with dip and wholegrain crackers with cheese. For a sweet or savoury snacking treat, choose portion-controlled packets to avoid the kids filling up before dinner.

As the weather warms up staying hydrated is also important. Water is the best choice, but 250ml of fruit and vegetable juice such as V8 Juice not only helps kids rehydrate, but also tops up their fruit and vegetable intake and gives a nutritious boost of vitamins.

Stuck for exercising ideas for the kids? Here are a few tips to keep your weekends busy:

  • Dust off the bikes and explore local bike trails
  • Head to a local national park for a bush walk and picnic
  • Brave the water and enrol the kids into swimming classes, or surfing classes for the older ones
  • Ask your school about up-coming school holiday sport programs