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Super foods for Winter

To help you stay feeling healthy and energetic this winter try these 6 super foods.


Oranges, mandarins, lemons and grapefruit are a great source of Vitamin C. Research shows if taken regularly, Vitamin C can help reduce the length and severity of a cold. Citrus fruits are in season during winter, so take advantage and snack on a mandarin or have a glass of orange juice (no added sugar) at breakfast.Pumpkin and sweet potatoThe vibrant orange colour of both these vegetables is a result of their high beta-carotene content. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant which acts as part of the natural defence and repair systems of the body. Cook with colour using pumpkin or sweet potato – try them mashed instead of mashed potato or roasted. Both are great in soups too!


Wholegrains are nutrition powerhouses! They contain more than 26 nutrients and phytonutrients which help maintain health. Eating a variety of wholegrains also lowers the GI of your diet, helping to sustain energy levels for longer.


Probiotics are healthy bacteria with many benefits including promoting a healthy digestive system and protecting the immune system. Top your breakfast cereal with a probiotic-rich yoghurt or for a winter-warming dessert serve stewed fruit with yoghurt.


Ginger has a long history of medicinal use that dates back thousands of years. It’s been shown to improve the immune system’s ability to fight infection. For a warming drink, try ginger tea or add grated ginger to your fruit and vegetable juice for a refreshing zing in the morning.


It’s hot, tasty and good for you. Soup is perfect for those wintery days. Not only do most soups provide lots vegetables they have a low energy density and have been shown to help satisfy hunger and control calorie intake with helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.