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Herbs & International Cuisine

Parsley both flat leafed and curly is an every dish kind of herb. You can basically use parsley in just about everything, including as a garnish. Parsley has a fresh earthy and peppery taste but is not strong and overpowering.

Basil tastes a little peppery and sweet. Basil adds a whole new dimension to many dishes such as tomato soup and meat dishes. Basil is great in Mediterranean dishes especially Italian foods, salads, and pasta. Basil is a strong flavoured herb.

Oregano has a strong pungent taste. Oregano is great in Italian and Mediterranean food. Add oregano to tomato based pasta sauces and seafood. Rosemary has a piney taste that adds a delicious touch to meat and roasted vegetables. Rosemary is fantastic in French inspired dishes and also can go really well with lemon.

Thyme is a little more floral in taste and because it is very fine, make sure you don't add too much to the dish. Thyme is great with meat dishes, herb breads, and sauces. Thyme is great in European dishes. Coriander has a citrus taste to it but be careful of the quantity you use in your dishes because it can overpower the taste.

Coriander is great in Asian inspired foods, salsas, and soup. Turmeric is better added to savory dishes, not sweet ones. Turmeric is best in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes. Turmeric has a bitter and peppery taste that also changes the colour of your dishes to a deep orange. Tarragon has an aniseed taste to it. You can add tarragon to chicken, seafood, and sauces. Spice up your turkey sandwich by adding a little tarragon to your mayonnaise. Sage is bitter, but also peppery.

Sage is great in Italian dishes, sauces, cheese, and meat dishes. Dill is both sweet and tart. Dill is great in dips, seafood, vegetables, and soup. Great in Greek and French dishes.

Chives are another herb that can be used in any cuisine or food type. It has a slight onion aroma and taste and is visually versatile in how its cut and used. Great for a garnish or an inclusion Pepper is a great seasoning for all dishes and also adds great peppery back notes to dishes and helps season and support other herbs or seasonings.

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