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Winning recipes

We’ve had so many amazing entries to our recent Facebook competition. Take a look and be inspired to try them in your kitchen!

What’s your favourite meal to make when the weather cools down and why? 

Cheryl Mishio my homemade minestrone full of the "good stuff"...every vegetable imaginable , kidney & barlotti beans , lentils & quinoa simmered in Campbell's Kitchen Australia Real Stock ... finished with parmesan way to warm you up from the inside out on a cold winter night ! 

JA Rowley My favourite hearty meal I look forward to cooking when the weather starts to cool down is a chicken wonton soup with bok choy. I love using Campbell's Real Chicken Stock for the base of the broth and making handmade wontons filled with chicken mince and vegetables. I love loading the soup with more vegetables like carrot, bok choy and ginger, or anything else that's in season! A good warm chicken soup is what helps me get through my winter, beat the chills and fight colds! Another great thing is that I can make a big pot of soup that goes a long way, which is perfect for an indoor winters day meal for the family!

Georgina Vuong With summer coming to an end, I'm going to be regularly cooking our favourite family meal which is shepherd's pie! I use Campbell's real stock to stew the meat and bring out the best flavours! I love being able to make a comfort meal full of real flavour, hearty meat and winter vegetables that can feed a whole lot of people and we can all go back for as many second helpings as we want! A good hearty shepherds pie keeps us all snug and the family happy with winter approaching! It's the pie that brings us all together!

Rieta Sweeney I love Manu's Rich Beef and Vegetable Stew. It's so hearty and tasty for those chilly evenings. Also, it's so satisfying - especially when served with some crunchy sourdough bread to mop up all the delicious flavours in the sauce! Usually I add other vegetables as well like zucchinis, celery, carrots, beans etc - whatever I have in my vegetable crisper actually. I sometimes have to add a little more Beef Stock to allow for the extra vegetables - but it all adds so much flavour! 

Natalie Stoute 'Happy mince'. Well that's what my mum used to call it when I was little because I loved it so much and it made me happy! It's pretty much just beef mince cooked in some stock until it reduces to a gravy with garlic and finely chopped onion. I now make it for my kids and they love it! A winter warming comfort dish 

Sharon Lee Mercovich Weekly family favourite Manus Spaghetti bolognaise, trusted tested, good as leftovers or in a jaffle iron.

Sonya Lorenz I love to make a traditional Lasagna that consists of a pork & veal ragout and a bechamel sauce with a hint of nutmeg. It's such a beautiful warming dish. I find that by adding Campbell's Real Stock Chicken to my ragout it enhances the delicate pork & veal flavour. Better than mamma's, but don't tell her I said that! 

April Ildc I crave dishes that remind me of family. My grandmother makes a dish of cubed ham, sauteed onions, green beans, and your chicken stock. She slow cooks it and makes sure to add extra stock so it's more like a comforting soup. It makes me think of her 

Millie Wong Our family favourite from Autumn onwards has to be our chicken rice with an asian stir fry. We use chicken stock instead of water when we make rice in a cooker so that the flavour of the chicken stock makes the rice so moist and flavoursome. It's so tasty that the rice can even be eaten on its own! I like to match the chicken rice with a chicken and vegetable stirfry which I use the rest of the chicken stock to simmer and thicken to a nice sauce. I love how the flavour of the rice and stir fry complements one another. This is one of our quick and easy go to meals in the cooler months!

Andrew Millis Slow cooked beef cheeks with mash!!!! Like a warm hug on the inside

Gayle Vos I love to whip up a hearty Beef Casserole in the slow cooker, using Campbell's Kitchen Australia Real Stock of course, and loads of vegies. I can put it on and go and read a book in front of the fire 

Tracy Starrett Spillane Roast beef slow cooked with red wine thyme and balsamic sauce, served with dauphinoise potatoes, peas and honey glazed carrots, with a glass of WA Shiraz please!

John Ayala I made beef in red wine but lighted my sauce with Reduced Salt Chicken Stock. Some Rosemary and potatoes for a one pot meal for two. The extra will be for my partners lunch.

Leanne Darron White Always a spaghetti bolognese for me.. Quick and easy to prepare and cook for a busy mum like me. Always having the ingredients on hand. Also loving that I can hide a multitude of vegetables and fussy children and husbands that they don't even notice always asking for seconds!

Evan Mccormack My slow cooked spaghetti Bolognese with grass fed beef mince Campbell's beef stock and a few other secrets I keep close to my's my my family's favourite and have had many a guest asking what the ingredients are....

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